From traffic congestion to equipment breakdowns, owning a trucking company is stressful. Let our factoring service reduce your stress by eliminating the delays for getting paid so you get your money within 24 hours instead of waiting 40+ days to collect the money you earn for the loads you haul. We’ll also eliminate the hassle of invoicing, making collection calls and the worry that you won’t get paid by some of your brokers.

Why use factoring?

Check out some of the iThrive Advantages:

  • 100% advance rates less a processing fee, no reserves or holdbacks. You get all of your money within 24 hours so you can keep rolling.
  • Fuel Advances available as soon as you pick up a load to help cover fuel costs through the next load.
  • Simple, Straightforward, Flat Fee Structure. You know exactly what you are going to pay every time. How could we claim to be your partner if we tried to confuse you with our rates?
  • Non-Recourse Program. If we approve the broker we cover the credit risk. Now you can sleep instead of staring at the roof of your truck worried about when the payment will come.
  • Online Credit Checks ensure you don’t miss out on a load. You can approve a broker in minutes from your smart phone. That’s pretty smart, right?
  • No fees to load funds to your iThrive Fuel Card. We just made it easier and cheaper to get your money fast.  Learn More, click here.
  • Quick Approval with funding in less than 24 hours following your application, and we have a very short 90 day Contract Term.
  • A Partner in your business that wants you to THRIVE!

iThrive Funding specializes in factoring owner operators and small fleets up to 10 trucks and helping get you back to the part of the business you enjoy. Let us deal with your paperwork and billing and provide you quick access to funds to ensure you keep rolling and making money.

Contact iThrive Funding today by calling 844-770-2958 or Apply Now.