iThrive Funding was founded under the vision of creating a factoring company to help trucking companies with small fleets better manage their cash flow and help them be more successful. Our heartfelt desire is to improve the well-being and success of all those, either directly or indirectly, with whom we associate.

The owners of Motor Carrier HQ (formerly known as Progressive Reporting Agency), formed in 1971, grew tired of constantly hearing horror stories from clients who had been taken advantage of by factoring companies. They knew they could provide that service in an honest, straightforward way that would better serve small to medium sized trucking companies and iThrive Funding was formed. Together, the two companies strive to make trucking companies more profitable, less stressful and simple.

iThrive Funding is a member of the International Factoring Association (IFA) and strictly adheres to its Code of Ethics. Our guiding principles include courage, hard work, service, and vision.


Why iThrive